Hair Aid and Comfortel have joined together on a very noble mission, working together to teach students in poverty how to cut hair as an important opportunity to change their lives. Now in its enormous tenth year, the Australian based charity Hair Aid are making a real difference both internationally and throughout Australia, and they have recently joined with Comfortel to further help the cause.

Hair Aid was founded by Selina Tomasich, in late 2008, dreamed up in the back streets of Manila. The ingenious philanthropic endeavour recruits volunteer hairdressers to travel around the globe and teach the valuable skill of hairdressing to those in poverty, taking the proverb of teaching a man to fish and translating that to hair.

“We have a team of volunteer hairdressers or our Hair Aid family who travel to poverty areas of Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam to work directly with people living on the street, slum communities, or with ladies rescued from the sex trade and prostitution gang,” Selina said. “All volunteers teach a five day hair cutting course, which gives the skill to cut five basic haircuts. This skill can then be used to start a micro business and create an income to support themselves and their family.”

The new partnership with Comfortel helps in this endeavour, supporting Hair Aid by providing scissor kits for trainees. These kits give students a pair of scissors, comb and sectioning clips in a handy carry case. Previously, Hair Aid would have to find second hand tools to refurbish and have the students reuse, while donations from Excellent Edges have also proven valuable. With Comfortel’s help, Hair Aid have enough kits to supply students until the end of 2020.

“You have no idea how much this has filled my heart,” Selina said. “No longer would I spend sleepless nights working out how to find enough tools for the 1500 plus trainees Hair Aid trained a year.  Without this valuable support our work is limited. Because of this valuable support from Comfortel, our work flourishes.”

Comfortel joins the ‘Hair Aid Hair-oes’ team, along side Benni Tognini, Tabatha Coffey, Andrew Gomez Dream Foundation, Paul Mitchell Schools, De Lorenzo and Excellent Edges. You can become part of the family and changes lives via Hair Aid by sponsoring cutting kits for $50, as well as sending an an encouraging message in a card to be added to the kit for the trainees after they have completed the five day training. These tools, training mechanisms and encouraging words are an important combination for these brave students. Hair Aid  has set a goal to have 300 kits sponsored each year and the power is in your hands to add to this tally.

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