Original&Mineral salons came together to celebrate the significant growth in the Original&Mineral Adelaide salon network, with almost 60 salons in the SA capital alone stocking the brand, Hair and Beauty Collective continue to inspire a family community in hair to be envious of, writes Cameron Pine.

Hair and Beauty Collective transformed the Feather’s Pavilion into a mecca of Original&Mineral culture – transparent, humble and with a hunger for collaboration, more than 40 salons came together for a three course lunch, an Aperol Spritz Bar and with such significant growth in the last 12 months in particular there were a lot of reasons to celebrate.

The vision, courtesy of one of the most passionate hosts in the industry and founder of Hair and Beauty Collective– Phil Taylor, was to simply enjoy some great food, drinks and networking while celebrating a year of significant growth with the presence of Original&Mineral founder and CEO Jose Bryce Smith.

Phil admits a lot of brands try and open up accounts in Adelaide without fully committing to the market from an education point of view and what Original&Mineral has proved is a strong shift towards salons wanting to align with the brand’s value of ‘Hair Colour is a Health Choice’.

“A lot of people like the idea of coming and doing business here, but not a lot of them come and support local business. We’ve set up an office, a showroom and are committed to education and that’s what makes a difference,” Phil said.

“Facilitating education and offering a smaller more bespoke approach to salons is what’s really working for us and Original&Mineral. Beyond some of the big major brands Original&Mineral is the only other company in Adelaide being a bit disruptive and having some success,” he said.

It’s hard to believe Phil set up Hair and Beauty Collective just three years ago, having had nearly 15 years with industry heavyweight, Haircare Australia, Phil now offers a collective of leading luxury brands including Space Salon Furniture as the exclusive distributor of Maletti in Australia and a newfound total salon hero in Original&Mineral.

Since taking on the brand when Jose spoke of originally being rejected by Phil with other priorities in his portfolio, Phil has welcomed a lot of big salons in Adelaide to the Original&Mineral fold, with a culture of influence sparking interest and developing a hair community distinctly aligned to the Original&Mineral culture.

Jose then greeted guests and built further empathy by telling her story from the development of the first colour to nearly losing her business with a string of colour issues in the last five years which has led her to the immense success of the current range. A story full of heartfelt ups and downs, staff she employed that turned against her and a string of other challenges, Jose always admits it’s been a difficult road for a woman in business but she has never lost sight of what she believes in.

“Product is Product and People and what you believe is the most important thing. When things got really bad I took it as the industry sending me a signal to re strategize. We are all about clean and safe colour but we also understand that hairdressers don’t want to sacrifice on performance,”

“This is the first time we’ve really touched Adelaide, being based in New South Wales and starting in Victoria it’s really incredible to see in such a short amount of time that there are so many lovely people here. I really appreciate that some of the best information I’ve ever received is when hairdressers have had a go at me when I’ve walked into their salon or just reached out with their opinion, really affirming the fact that Original&Mineral is made for hairdressers by hairdressers,” Jose said.


Jose spoke of her first products, living above her salon and hair colour that ate the packaging as just many of the times she questioned whether she’d make it through.

Phil spoke of the immense sense of gratitude in the room among the SA network, making special thanks to clients who had made the immense effort to travel from out of Adelaide to be there for the event, including Molly from Hue Colour in Mount Gambier – an 8 hour round trip and for various other reasons special to the brand, including Bel and Kate from Pipsqueek in Saigon who have taken on supporting education roles with O&M. Making note of Garry Prigge’s world class education with the brand and welcoming Evie to the Adelaide team, Phil maximised the opportunity to get up close and personal and form better connections for growth. Thanking INSTYLE magazine for the support and being present also became a part of a rewarding day that was about further elevating the hairdressing industry in the country’s Southern State.


“I really feel like everyone in this room has bought into the why O&M. Everyone understands it’s not just simply about selecting a colour and shampoo to use its about knowing what’s in that product where it’s come from and what the implications are for myself, my staff and my clients,” Phil said.

Based on such engagement, 2020 is going to be an even more exciting year for the brand especially from an education standpoint but for Phil most importantly the magic has lied in being able to share those moments. So in the nod to ‘loving to watch your businesses flourish’ from Phil and Jose we are on track for a healthier, more successful future.

For more information visit www.hairandbeautycollective.com