As hairdressers, we’re well aware of the necessity of hair extensions, from expanded creativity in our editorial work to satisfying clients. This year, the Hairdreams brand of hair extensions has again proven its importance beyond the set or the salon, becoming a pivotal facet of a wax exhibit at the legendary Grévin museum.

Katy Perry wax figure

Situated in Paris, Montreal and Prague, with the flagship Paris location having been in operation for a historic 135 years, the museums are a cultural touchstone of these famous cities, and the Paris location stands as the oldest anbd most renowned wax museum globally.

The latest additions to the museums‘ collections are wax figures of pop sensation Katy Perry and couture designer Jean-Paul Gaultier. The wax figures can take up to 1000 hours to create, with the elaborate hair detail often necessitating up to 100,000 hair strands to be attached manually.

Katy Perry wax figure

With this arduous process, Grévin collaborated with Hairdreams, a leading manufacturer of professional human hair, relying on its trademark quality, healthy hair to help the wax figures (figuratively) come to life. Katy Perry’s hair looks in particular portray her playful, creative nature, showcasing bright, bold hues of green and blue in the different locations.

The brands have collborated in the past, with the hair extensions company providing the hair for a Lady Gaga figure in Paris in 2013. The famous body-length headdress (actually worn by Lady Gaga before being transferred to the wax figure) was created by French avant-garde stylist, Charlie le Mindu out of Hairdreams hair.

Lady Gaga was figure

The Katy Perry and Jean-Paul Gaultier figures have now been debuted and eagerly snapped by international patrons of the museums. Beloved for their realism, creativity and quality, Hairdreams was the ideal brand in elevating these wax figures from cold carbon copies to bold, realistic works of art, and an inspiration to craftsmen, artists and hairdressers worldwide. If you’re ever in Prague, Montreal and Paris, we encourage you to swing by.

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