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Hairy Tales Book Launches

An all-new trichology publication has hit the market, with a book that casts a global spotlight over the hairdressing and trichology industries and the inspiring stories of the people who inhabit them. Hairy Tales takes stories from 57 trichologists from 24 countries, who each tell their personal journeys in their hairdressing and trichology careers.

The book was launched in June at a trichology conference in Washington, DC and is an inspiring reading option for hairdressers, particularly those looking for the motivating push to propel them to the next venture or new phase in their career.

Stories range from tales from Kenya, to the UK, Singapore, Jamaica, USA, Canada, India, Nigeria, Brazil, South Africa, Trinidad, Argentina, Russia, Israel, Vietnam, Ireland, Bangladesh, the UAE, Latvia, Puerto Rica, our own Australia and many more. The writers share their own personal stories while talking from a scientific, educative and business sense, truly offering a global perspective of the industry, and making the book both entertaining and informative.

“Take advantage of every opportunity and be positive,” came the advice in the book from Aussie representative Sue Erickson. “My career was varied and with each new job I learnt valuable new skills. Don’t be afraid to say ‘yes’ even though you don’t feel that you have the full skill-set for the job. I bluffed my way through many situations and made good.”

This is a book to learn from and be inspired by – tying you to your reading nook to finish it thoroughly before motivating you to take action and heed its advice for the good of your own career. Get your hands on a copy.

The book can be ordered online for $75 at or by visiting the Education Materials header at

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