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Hanz De Fuko Announce New Launches

Edgy men’s hair brand Hanz De Fuko has debuted some stellar new launches to fill your kit and delight your clientele. The styling products run the gamut of purpose and texture, educating and emboldening your clients to elevate their styling and allowing your men’s hair skills to show.

The first product on the list is the all-new Heavymade pomade, a water-based styling product that allows for optimal styling manipulation. The product allows for clean and heavy application and is humidity-resistant, easy to cleanse out of the hair and ideal for a range of clean, modern styles. The product also boasts a refreshing fragrance of spearmint and eucalyptus with a citrus finish and is imbued with the brand’s certified organic hair blend that includes Mallow Flower, Lemon Peel and Burdock Root as well as plant derived humectants, polymers, flexible enhancers and the spearmint and eucalyptus facets for hydration, style memory, conditioning and pliability. The dense formula allows for heavy hold and complete stylistic control.

The Hanz De Fuko Style Lock Hairspray was three years in the making and aids stylists and clients in locking the finished style into place for the entire day. It acts as a dry mist that brushes out, while preventing damage, offering extreme hold, controlling static, providing root lift and conditioning with each application. The Strandprotect Complex guards hair from environmental agressors, while Nutritive Cascade Technology imbues the product with peptides and natural plant proteins for improved strength and a certified organic haircare blend add the conditioning properties. A burst of apricot and nectarine fragrances anchors the product, before warm notes of peony, water lily, sandalwood and vanilla orchid evolve the scent as the product is worn, speaking to its strong innovation.

The brand’s all-new Dry Shampoo is another game-changer for men, acting as a quick-dry, almost colourless formula to remove excess sebum and product residue to freshen hair. It also has a matte texture that allows for dual-use as a finishing spray, lightly moisturising the hair during use and shortening styling time. It is ideal for all hair types and imbues the hair with a light, clean fragrance of bergamot, lemon, lily and apple. Inviting layers of bamboo and green cedar further elevate this fragrance. A mix of goji berry and red wine extracts, soy protein and the range’s iconic certified organic hair blend ensure hair protection, structure and flexibility of the hair and quality hair care and styling.

Innovation in men’s hair is essential as the boys learn to love styling and care more than ever before – as always, Hanz De Fuko is on the forefront with these key new launches set to change the men’s hair game. Get them in your hands, stat.

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