The Australian Hairdressing Council (AHC), as led by Sandy Chong, is trying to ensure that hairdressing is not removed from the Skilled Migration list on the 31st March, 2020, something that would greatly affect businesses in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Currently there are 61 sponsored workers in Brisbane, 205 in Sydney and 182 in Melbourne, so this is a crucial juncture for Australian salons, and the AHC need your help.

“If we are taken off the list, once these worker’s Visas expire then businesses in these cities will lose their employees. Many of your key accounts in these cities will be affected negatively by this decision,” Sandy said in a note to businesses.

Sandy has met with key members at Parliament House as well as meeting with the Department of Education and Department of Employment and Home Office. The group have written submissions and emails and have 26 case studies to help their cause. More meetings with politicians and small business commissioners have also been scheduled to further this work.

“The AHC is negotiating caveats to encourage our recommendation of moving hairdressing to a medium skills list. I am also requesting the decision to be deferred,” Sandy explained.

The AHC are asking for the help of salons to submit case studies that indicate any downturn in turnover due to the inability to recruit skilled staff, talk about how many apprentices and workers on visas they employ, how many ads they have placed looking for qualified staff the cost of this and their return from these ads.

“Showcase what affect the removal of hairdressing from the Skilled Migration list would mean to your livelihood and business. We need qualified stylists to train apprentices also,” Sandy said.

These case studies will show the government the difficulty salons have in finding staff members, indicating to a need to keep more options open to aid the industry large.

If you feel this issue is pertinent to you and want to add your assistance, email

You can also help by signing this petition.