Fantastic Hairdresser is here to help you teach, and support you every step of the way in this important career path. The platform isn’t a franchise and you won’t be working for the company, rather using them as a supportive tool in developing your education skills and amplifying them to the world.

The business offers online coaching, and has webinars running on October 10, 11 and 12 and available to be rewatched later, which explain the process and how you fit into the system. The opportunity is open to those who want to become Fantastic Hairdresser coaches in everything from a part time role, to full time, and all in the comfort of their own time and space, as the coaching is all facilitated online.

There are many benefits to this platform for hairdressers, and the opportunity is ideal for anyone looking for extra income, a challenge, to partake in the power of education and to truly help people. You can also use these tools for significant in-salon education for your staff, and the material extends to eventually becoming a business coach and other opportunities as well.

For hairdressers who believe in the Fantastic Hairdresser principles, an institution that has been growing and innovating for three decades, and are passionate about the industry, this is a way to help build that industry on your own terms. Those who come on board are often salon owners, managers or hairdressers, looking to add another vital component to their industry repertoire.

If you want to expand your mindset, role and opportunities in hair and hair education, all on your own terms, this is the pathway for you.

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