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Here’s Why This is The Definitive Post-Lockdown Hair Colour Trend

Hair trends can and do manifest anywhere, in any situation, and in lockdown this meant bored consumers and celebrities alike were experimenting with pink hues, dual-tone techniques and way too much home hair colour. Now that restrictions are easing, a new trend is emerging as a hair colour necessity and, according to the UK’s Live True London salon, it’s a reliable favourite.

According to this award-winning salon, balayage is the must-have colour trend of the moment for a few essential and time-specific reasons. The trend can melt away grown out roots, while reverse balayage can be an ever better masker of roots, for clients who will still be visiting the salon less frequently in this confusing phase of the pandemic. Importantly, the look is low maintenance, another vital component of 2020 trends.

“We’re all equipped to be a bit more prepared, but should we have another lockdown, the balayage requires minimal maintenance, provided you apply the right aftercare at home to maintain the colour a little longer than the highlights,” the salon said.

The trend is set to be a warm aesthetic just in time for the Northern Hemisphere summer, which will see Hollywood stars dictate the trends and overwhelm newsfeeds all over the globe. Meanwhile, here in Australia, we could use a little warmth added to our winter now that we finally have more of an opportunity to be outside.

Balayage is an eternal trend for a reason – it frames the face, offers versatility, ensures a soft colour aesthetic and can be adapted to any cut and length, meaning clients can still experiment with a new, more dramatic cut and/or style coming out of lockdown.

It’s a constantly beloved trend that requires no new reason to spike again in popularity, but the pandemic may still be that very push. Keep this front of mind as clients come in for their next appointment.

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