The way you cater to your clients is the true meaning of luxury, and offering them entertainment on the salon floor can be a part of that. Foxtel offers a plan for small businesses that can create a dynamic atmosphere for both clients and staff, as well as a musical solution to be built into your brand.

Available as a smart addition in the reception area, on the floor or in the back room for the staff to enjoy on breaks, this business plans ensures a relaxing, informative and entertaining solution across your salon business.

Foxtel’s business premium plan offers something for everyone, with drama, entertainment, sport, music, kids program and sport, catering to any type of business and salon. Whether your barbershop floor could add atmosphere with the game on live TV, your business clientele would enjoy keeping up with the news on their lunch break, your clients require a distraction for the kids, or music channels would provide the ideal vibe for your salon, there’s so much on offer with Foxtel for salons.

Another option is Foxtel Music, which provides background music to energise your salon. The service is simple and curated for commercial use, offering an innovative audio/video subscription music solution for your business. The smart music features creates an ideal atmosphere for your space, with curated stations from the world’s music collection, as well as easy installation, screened content to remove any inoffensive material from your business and updating stations that avoid repetition. The program can cater to your staff and clients based on time of day, tailor your business promotions through an efficient self-serving messaging interface and be zoned differently for alternate parts of the salon. The system can be personalised completely, becoming a key cog in your salon brand identity.

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