Electrical tools form a key part of the retail offering in salons, but there is a massive opportunity behind the different hot tool categories that not many people in the market know about. Electrical tool juggernaut ghd has researched this in-depth and offers important insights into this retail opportunity. We spoke to ghd ANZ’s Salon Sales Direct, Brittany Cutler, on what the hairdryer category looks like and what opportunities there are for salons in 2020.

“Understanding these market opportunities can help to refine your product mix and ultimately grow your sales by offering solutions which address your clients’ biggest styling needs,” Britany said.

According to a report by Harris Interactive, the electrical hot tool category is an expanding market in Australia, with styler and hairdryer ownership both in growth. This report singles out hairdryers as one of the biggest category opportunity for salons, with 25 of women who own hairdryers intending to upgrade in the next 12 months. And not only do they want a better tool, but they’re willing to pay more for the quality – up to 32 per cent more.

This premium segment of the market represents a key opportunity for the salon industry. Premium hairdryers represent a $15.1M market in Australia, and this is where a stylist’s expertise and advice can play a key role in influencing purchasing behaviour.

“Understanding consumer needs, and having the right products to meet those needs, is imperative,” Brittany said. “In Australia, the most prevalent hair problem women encounter is fighting the frizz – 46 per cent say it’s their biggest challenge, meaning ionic technology is must-have. Use the information you have at your disposal to your advantage when it comes to upselling and educating your clients. This drives purchase intent and positions you as an expert in their eyes.”

Grant Norton, ghd ANZ’s Education Manager explained the significance of investing in salon training and education to capitalise on this market.

“Stylist education in correct technique can go a long way to converting a sale, and with 68 per cent of Australian women having medium to long hair, drying speed is also an important factor to consider,” he said. “Skill level is also an important consideration – while hairdryers are the most commonly used hot-tool, research shows only 43 per cent of women know how to brush or section their hair when blow-drying, while 56 per cent simply blast dry their hair. Understanding how they use their dryer can also help you steer the consultation and convert a sale.”

With ample research into this area, ghd has constructed six main tips into making use of this retail opportunity. Firstly, ensure you’re educated on how to share the basic hairdryer techniques with your clients. Also, learn the tech of the tool you use and believe in it. Importantly, identify your client’s needs and talk to those benefits, for example hair health, time saving tips, weight, frizz reducing benefits and shine. Ask your client what they already know and what hairdryer the currently use, so you can tailor your sell-in technique, and then let them touch and feel the product. Lastly, create impactful visual merchandising displays which hero your hair tools in key locations within your salon.

With these tips and the right tools in salon, 2020 should be the year of booming electrical tool sales in salon. Make sure you aren’t missing out on this important facet of salon sales.

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