We’re about a year and a half into this pandemic so by this point we know how it goes and, as so much of Australia has been in and out of lockdown currently and in the past few weeks, we’re here to help your clients use that extra time to the benefit of their hair.

Award winning hairdresser, educator, salon owner and innovator Jules Tognini is here to provide his expert advice, helping you help your clients better their hair in lockdown, even with salons closed.

The key to this is professional products, so it’s important to make those quality products and retail options a major part of your marketing, even in lockdown, as options for delivery or click and collect where possible, to still make some profit. Many brands partner with salons in making this endeavour easy and seamless for clients, and it’s important clients don’t turn to consumer products as a matter of convenience in these circumstances.

“Using the right products is important from the start,” Jules said. “Clients don’t need 14 different hair products but making small, extra additions to their routine, with the right ingredients, will give their hair the love it needs.” 

“There’s a lot of cheap options available out there, sadly many of them do more damage than good. They often contain alcohol, sulphates and silicone that can dry out hair or open up cuticles. Some silicones are like painting your house without doing a proper sand down beforehand. Hair will look shiny, but it will still be damaged underneath, and it will only get worse.”

Jules advocates for natural and ethical product options in this professional sphere, with his go-to products including evo lock down (ironically) and happy campers for unruly and damaged hair respectively, as well as day of grace for thin hair and the evo fabuloso take-home colour treatment toner to keep colour vibrant.

Beyond the products, without trips to the salon, clients can still use any extra time for some personal pampering and hair elevation.

 “Your clients can give themselves or their loved ones some epic head massages to invigorate the scalp, while releasing those positive feel good hormones, and they can make the most of not seeing anyone by using a hair mask for a deep conditioning treatment, pinning it up and letting it soak in,” Jules said. “It’s also a good time to get off the hot tools and give hair time to breathe. Clients can also give their hair and scalp a great brushing to loosen up hair follicles.” 

This lockdown is a little tricker for hair with some seasonal challenges over winter, so clients may be especially in need in this dually difficult time.

“Moisture, or a lack of it, is the one of the biggest challenges with looking after our hair over winter,” Jules shared. “There’s not as much humidity in the air, and we’re also pumping up the heaters, and having steaming hot showers and these factors can be the enemy to healthy, strong hair. Just as our skin dries out over winter, so too does our hair. Many of us face issues like hair breakage, frizziness, fly aways, and split ends.” 

Jules has suggestions for your clients to combat these factors, with their essential professional and tailored products, and even just in their routine.

“I’ve harped on about it and I’ll continue to do so! Dryness and dehydration is the enemy of healthy hair,” he said. “While we may love a scalding hot shower, your clients’ hair and skin will be grateful for a lukewarm shower instead, purely because hot water will open up the cuticle. Also, it’s time to back off on cleansing hair as much in winter. We want the hair to build up natural oils, rather than stripping it out, which can also lead to colour fading.” 

“Just like an indoor plant may not survive so well exposed to constant changes in temperature, our hair can be just as vulnerable. Going from cold dry air to a scalding hot shower is not going to do wonders for the hair and can cause damage to cuticles. Clients should do what they can to avoid extreme temperature changes,” he said, adding that hair should be cleansed about once or twice a week.

Offer your expertise through marketing material, social media and in other forms of contact throughout any lockdown, with professional hair products more vital than ever and a little TLC to your locked down clients keeping your expertise and service front of mind.