Influencers are the real celebrities of 2019, using the trust, admiration and social media love offered to them on Instagram to spread the word about brands they like and, well, your salon, if you use this marketing tool correctly. In this modern age, influencers provide a form of advertising and major PR that you can (and should) utilise. The social influencer market is worth billions of dollars, with tens of millions of posts shared in the name of brand endorsements each year – it’s time to be part of this major marketing sphere.

Seeking out an influencer to suit your salon and grow your business means finding a social media mogul who is trustworthy to their community, authentically syncs with your brand, has a credible authority with their community and offers experience and a storied CV showing their skills in this area. The right influencer can increase visibility and awareness to grow your brand, and the relevancy of their audience demographic is key.

“The power of micro-influencers is incredible! Sometimes you can get more followers from someone who has only a few hundred followers, than someone with tens of thousands of follower,” said Jordy, owner of Hereby Hairdressing in Wellington.

The influencer needs to ideally suit your salon, with audience members located in your area so that social media likes can actually be converted to salon visits.

“An influencer based in your town or city who has a strong following will work better than someone based elsewhere, with a huge following,” explained Faye Murray, salon coach.

The influencer also needs to connect with your salon DNA – meaning having an organic approach if your salon does, sharing your brand mission and embodying the essence of your brand identity and what you are trying to amplify. Identifying these values to connect with the right influencer and advocate for your salon is vital, then developing the social media strategies that you would like them to utilise in showcasing your brand is also necessary.

“I like people to post in their news feed, not their stories. The post needs to be about their brow, not just a photo with a tag. I also make sure to collaborate with people that I feel best represent me and vice versa,” shared Jazz Pampling, award winning Brow Artist

If this sounds daunting, Timely Salon and Spa Software have created a must-have guide that explores this new-age sphere, covering how to find and work with an influencer, creating an agreement, measuring the success of this venture and everything in between. Study up and open up this important market sphere for your business.

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