Congratulations to the recently announced winners of the 2021 International Hairdressing Awards (IHA), an illustrious platform that heralds the most inspirational figures in global hairdressing. Seven international winners were chosen in a virtual awards ceremony broadcast from Spain overnight.

“Although this is not the awards ceremony we had dreamed of for the third edition of the IHA, this train does not stop,” said Mikel Luzea, Director and Founder of the platform. “Global health circumstances have forced us to change plans on the fly and finally there we were, this year in a beautiful setting, a unique and special place, the cathedral of Pamplona. This is the first time in the history of hairdressing that a building like this one has been used for such an event.”

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In the category of Best International Men’s Commercial Collection, Terri Kay and Andrea Giles from the United Kingdom were the winners, while Best International Women’s Commercial Collection was awarded to Emma Simmons, also from the UK. Best International Avant-Garde Collection was awarded to Malaysian group Dick Sum Low and International Artistic Team of the Year was named as X-presion from Spain. The significant title of International Hairdresser of the Year was given to the UK’s Errol Douglas.

“At the end of the day, this is the highest honour,” Errol said via video call upon receiving the award. “From the point of view of me saying this, I really mean this, this award means too much because it’s the pinnacle award, for me and all the finalists and everybody in it. Thank you!”

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Additionally, renowned British hairdresser Tony Rizzo was recognised as the International Hair Legend of the Year. The International Hair Influencer of the Year award, which honours the positive influence and impact in the hairdressing industry and beyond, was given to Mark Bustos from the USA.

All the finalists and winners were selected by an impressive judging panel, comprised of Australia’s own Tracey Hughes, as well as Mark Hayes, Vivienne McKinder, Sam Villa and Antonio Bellver.

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“Now we are on the threshold of the end of the third edition and we want the bar to be even higher and the growth of this event continue year after year,” Mikel said.

Congratulations to all the winners on this massive achievement.

Watch the full ceremony below.