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Introducing Khairpep

Hair repair is as important as ever, and clients are clamouring for products that can ensure their hair remains healthy and high quality in the face of never-ending colour and texture changing salon services. Cue, new modern technology that addresses these issues. Cue Khairpep. 

The newest hair reparation technology is here in the form of Khairpep and its range of Transforme leave-in treatments, which serve to permanently repair hair that has been through chemical processes like colouring, bleaching, straightening and perming.

The treatments are clinically proven to repair, strengthen and restore elasticity to damaged hair and offer improved results with repeat treatments. The technology is anchored by Khairpep’s patented K18Peptide™, which is a revolutionary peptide that can penetrate the hair cortex and permanently repair the hair’s disulfide bonds.

The peptide is formulated to shuttle amino acidsinto the inner structure of the hair. The unique amino-acid chain bonds with the hair protein, repairing the broken disulfide bonds and reattaching the hair fibre. This ensures hair strength, elasticity, shine, manageability and health. A leave-in hair masque, leave-in serum and leave-in masque treatment program hero the range.

Your clients will be adding it to their wish list, make sure you can satisfy their needs for 21st century hair health.

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