JASTYLE, a product offering by renowned hairdresser Jas Jhally, has designed, and launched a luxury hairspray, developed over eighteen months, and made in Chicago. Now, hairdressers can compete in a styling competition for exclusive rights to the product for six months, with seven winners to be announced.

The luxury product creates shape, hold and defined detail, with a powerful lifting system that adds volume from roots to ends, while still allowing for flexibility. The product contains an extra collection of long-lasting hold polymers for longevity of style and texture. The hairspray also ensures gloss, condition, and reduced frizz, while being humidity resistant and calming flyaways.

JASTYLE is offering exclusive access to stylists under the Luxury Hairspray Styling Champion Awards, the competition is open until November 7 and the first 52 hairdressers to register will receive a free luxury hairspray to use in the competition.  Hairdressers must submit three styles – street style, ready to wear and glamour – showing the side, front and back of each look. The seven winners will receive prizes including exclusivity of the product. 

Register your interest at info@jastyle.com.au, with your name and salon name and include Luxury Hairspray Styling Champion Awards in the subject line.