Inspirational salon owner Jenni Tarrant who runs Bond Hair Religion in Canberra is doing more amazing things for great causes. Recently, she slept in her car for a week and only used public restrooms to raise funds and awareness for Toora Women, Inc., a charity run by women for women who have experienced homelessness and domestic violence.

The organisation delivers gender-specialist services to women who have experienced trauma due to homelessness, their own or other’s addictions, domestic and family violence, and the corrections systems and has been doing so since 1992. Older women are a fast growing demographic of homeless people and, worse still, these women often have children in their care as well.

“Our services are run by women for women in a women-only space. We know that men and women’s needs differ greatly, as do their pathways into homelessness. Our gender-specialist approach allows Toora to provide services that reflect an understanding of women’s experiences and complexities,” Toora executive director Susan Clarke said. Toora helps, on average, 65 per cent of their clients find independent living within a year.

Jenni Tarrant

“Our anonymous client surveys regularly tell us that their lives and their children’s lives have positively changed because of the intensive support and programs offered by Toora. In our recent survey, over 85 per cent of our clients felt it is important to be in a women’s only service,” she continued.

Jenni contributed to the cause with her brave initiative as she slept in her car for 7 cold winter night.

“Many homeless women lived in their cars with their children before receiving the much-needed support from Toora. As tempting as it will be, I definitely will not be turning my car heater on,” Jenni said before the experience.

“I hope my project will raise awareness of the challenges experienced by homeless women and children. 100 per cent of all money raised will go directly to service delivery.”

In her endeavor Jenni raised several thousand dollars for the cause. Congratulations to her for making such a supreme difference and acting as motivation for the rest of the industry.

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