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Joey Scandizzo Styles Anna Wintour in Melbourne

Anna Wintour just graced our sunny shores for the Australian Open, imbuing our country and Melbourne city with that inimitable fashion-savvy magic in the process. While here and sitting court-side, Anna’s chic bob was styled by celebrity stylist, salon owner, current Australian Hairdresser of the Year and ELEVEN Australia Co-Creative Director, Joey Scandizzo, who styled the famed Vogue editor with two blow-dries a day for the whole week, one on the morning and one in the early evening.

Joey Scandizzo and Anna Wintour

“Her hair is very iconic, there was no transformation required, it was more about sharpening the cut,” Joey said. “She has had this style for so many years and is known for keeping it super sharp, consistently polished and finished.”

The styling also included a touch-up cut mid-week, with Joey given the important task of refreshing her sharp look.

“What makes her signature bob so iconic is how precise it is. It’s a very structured bob with a fringe that frames her face,” Joey said. “She knows her hair better than anyone and knew exactly the line of how she wanted it to sit.”

“She washed her hair before each appointment,” he continued about the process. “I gave her some ELEVEN Australia Hydrate My Hair Shampoo to try, which she loved. Then I’d use some ELEVEN Australia Miracle Hair Treatment to prep, which was brilliant on her hair and made it nice and smooth. Then some ELEVEN Australia Sea Salt Texture Spray through the crown to give it a bit of grit because she likes a little volume. Then it was all about the blow-dry, I used round brushes to create volume at the crown, smoothing the ends rolling them under. Once the blow wave was finished, I used some shine spray to soften.”

With Anna’s enormous international influence taking over Australia, Aussie talent and products like that of Joey and ELEVEN Australia were given important time in the spotlight and behind the chair. Joey also styles the famous tresses of Elle Macpherson, Sofia Richie and Ruby Rose, and with Anna Wintour now a very famous addition to the list, you can bet he’s setting the trends for your clients.

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