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Joico releases LumiShine YouthLock

Collagen is the current buzzword of the beauty industry. Used in creams and supplements, it’s touted to improve the elasticity and plumpness of the skin, and it’s now creeping into haircare for the same reason.

Joico has launched its LumiShine YouthLock series infused with collagen to deliver younger-looking hair.

If you’re already familiar with the LumiShine permanent crème shades, you can expect the same background tones from YouthLock with the added benefits of enhanced grey coverage and anti-aging features. The new permanent crème colour provides 100 per cent grey coverage while revitalising strands.

Joico International Guest Artist Cherry Petenbrink says this isn’t your mum’s way to cover grey hairs.

“This is a must-have for my clients who are coming in at every age to cover their greys. My clients want me to turn back the clock on any signs of ageing in their hair,” says Cherry.

Available in thirteen shades, LumiShine YouthLock series is infused with Collagen, Buriti Oil and Amino Acids.

“You know what collagen can do for skin? Well, now you have YouthLock using it for hair! Your clientele’s hair will literally look like it was injected with a joi de vivre. You are giving it back its life,” says Cherry.

It’s also formulated with Patented Conditioning Complex, Bond-Building Arginine and Quadramine Complex to nourish the hair.

The Patented Conditioning Complex creates a shield around the hair shaft to protect colour-treated hair for up to 30 washes* and the Bond-Building Arginine helps reinforce locks to improve the signs of damage and aging.

Joico VP of Sales Edie Williams says colour trends will come and go but helping women look younger will always be the most desired colour service for salons.

“Today clients want a ‘plus-up’ – offering multiple benefits! Now with LumiShine YouthLock, colourists can rest assured they will achieve excellent, reliable coverage while infusing each strand with moisture-boosting collagen, ArgiPlex for bond-building strength and buriti oil for youthful, long-lasting shine,” says Williams.

“It’s the plus-up ingredients and immediate visible benefits that make YouthLock a great new alternative for clients who expect more for their investment,” she adds.

The Joico LumiShine YouthLock series launched on 1st December 2019 and is available in the following shades:

NN Series: 10NN, 9NN, 8NN, 7NN, 6NN, 5NN, 4NN, 2NN,

NA Series: 9NNA, 7NNA, 6NNA, 5NNA, 3NNA

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*when followed with K-PAK Colour Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner

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