Joico’s all-new technology strengthens, protects and fights against damage, stopping you in your well-worn salon tracks to see it for yourself.

The all-new Defy Damage from Joico has an intriguing origin story worthy of the new technology. The innovation saw well-known hairdressers, such as Larisa Love, Phil Ring, Denis De Souza and Olivia Smalley, brought to California under a top secret mission only titled Project D. The secrecy shielded the fact that they would be experiencing Defy Damage before anyone else – it was revolutionary technology worthy of the CIA-level mission, and its now making its way to your salon.

The top-tier technology works in two different systems. The Defy Damage ProSeries is the salon iteration, a two-step in-salon treatment that protects bonds and optimises colour, acting as a revolution in the industry. With the ProSeries 1 and 2, the hairdresser is saved time on colour services and blow dries, while premium results are to be expected.

In the Home Care System, the products are built to specifically and consistently protect against daily heat styling, UV exposure and environmental pollution, which can often lead to dryer, duller hair. The instantaneous products are fortified by a cocktail of arginine, moringa seed oil and a protective lipid, as well as SmartRelease technology, which continuously releases rose hip oil, arginine and keratin in a clever delivery method. The results are repaired, strengthened and protected hair, created through intelligent innovations.

The products that utilise these formulas include the in-salon series, as well as the Defy Damage Protective Shampoo, Conditioner, Masque and Shield, each of them luxe products that stand to remove impurities from the hair, boost moisture, fight against daily damage, prolong colour and ultimately leave hair soft and shiny for aesthetic and tactile brilliance.

The range has reported 80 per cent less breakage and five times stronger hair over time, with improved lift, even porosity, added vibrancy, colour that’s easier to maintain and more, as well as instant results that can be seen after just one use.

It’s the kind of magic that will have you and your clients rubbing your eyes and wondering how the trick is done. This top secret mission is on the precipice of hair innovation, don’t fall behind as it races ahead.

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