Joico’s new colour aesthetic and Color Intensity innovations come in the form of LoveFest – two shades dedicated to bright, bold and playful hair and the unique personalities that go along with it.

Welcome Lovefest, two bright Joico Color Intensity hues built from muse and Joico Brand Ambassador Larisa Love, and dedicated to all things bright hair and bold vibes in all their glory. The creative colours allow you to be at your most artistic, with tones of Limelight and Aqua Flow expanding your palette and catering to clients who want to try out a brighter hue.

The colours deliver on two important fronts of vibrancy and damage protection, with hues that last through 20 shampoos. The formula also allows for no bleeding during application, becoming ideal for always trending and hashtaggable colour techniques and melts.

The technology allows for fades on tone and intermixable qualities with endless options. In terms of care, exclusive Quadramine® Complex reconstructs each strand for healthier-looking hair with more shine, while refreshing notes of citrus and flowers ensure the hues delight a myriad of senses.

The colourful options are ideal for clients who want to experiment with a brighter palette, or are looking for colour that can offer them health and condition as well. The formulas are additionally beloved for their shine and consistent colour deposit, while the colourist is kept front of mind with an ever-expanding palette that can be intermixed for literally limitless colour options, officially making hair the easel in total creativity.

The formula’s hydrating, quality-focused technology is built on top-tier ingredients, such as the aforementioned Quadramine® Complex, which acts as a defence system that protects the hair from cuticle to cortex. This hero complex is supplemented by Kuikui Nut Oil produced from the Hawaiian Candlenut tree, with essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants to imbue hair with elasticity and shine.

The new tools work within the always expanding and iconic Joico portfolio, best utilised alongside the Defy Damage ProSeries system for optimal results, and with Joico Color Endure Shampoo, K-PAK Cuticle Sealer and K-PAK Intense Hydrator ideal for the service finish and after care.

Speaking to our Instagram savvy, millennial heavy and trend loving clients, LoveFest captures the festival aesthetic, social media rainbow hair crazes and era of experimentation that is 2019 with hues that prize shine, vibrancy and care, and technology that unleashes your inner artist.

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