Original&Mineral is championing a healthier salon environment, making hair colour a health choice and an important value of both businesses and professionals, pioneering clean colour technology that goes beyond cruelty free and into the hearts of hairdressers globally, writes Cameron Pine.

Most recent to the CØR colour family is the CØR.color nudes collection –  clean colour technology that allows artists to create a shade of blonde that any client can wear with confidence, CØR nudes joins the range of next generation Ammonia, PPD and Resorcinol-free professional hair colour, known as our CØR.color.

“We call it CØR because colour is the core of our brand, and Ø represents our commitment to making our clean colour technology the cleanest colour in the world, by eliminating harsh chemicals,” said O&M founder and CEO Jose Bryce Smith.

With over two decades in the business, Jose’s never been afraid of opportunity or setbacks that would come her way.

“I had never worked in hairdressing before and I started working on the reception of my partners hair salon – I couldn’t believe the smell and fumes of hair colour, I love the hairdressers that I worked with and the clients, but I felt that hair colour was toxic and would eventually become a health issue, so my search for clean hair colour began. I truly believed if we could create hair colour that was healthy and performed like conventional hair colour, that everyone would choose that. It was a slightly bigger mountain to climb than I could have ever imagined, but it’s been an amazing journey,” Jose said.

The O&M CØR color range allows the clean colour technology to be gentle on scalp, yet serious on shine, as it delivers 100per cent grey coverage and adds new levels of vibrancy and shine with long-living results. With over 100 shades in the range, it’s not only gentle but it conditions while colouring, as a result of the Molecular Blend Technology (MBT) that contains ingredients ethically sourced from the brands homeland, here in Australia. O&M’s MBT contains two nourishing hero complexes that add brilliant shine and condition simultaneously. Desert Harvest combines the benefits of exotic fruits from the Australian desert including Quandong, Desert Peach, Desert Lime and Wattle Seed, which hydrates, soothes and conditions whilst protecting and nourishing hair from cuticles to ends. To further support the cause for colour that helps achieves the ultimate hair condition, it also contains O&M’s Signature Blend of Native Australian certified organic Macadamia oil and coconut oil, which activates and enhances the in-salon CØR color journey.

Jose’s tenacity for ethically sourcing ingredients and ensuring our clean colour technology is on salon-floor performance goes without unnoticed.

“I’ve always been passionate about natural products, wellbeing and beauty, and when I saw firsthand how harsh chemical products harm hairdressers and clients, I knew we could make a difference with O&M.”

Her attention to detail and decision making with native ingredients is the reason why O&M’s CØ.color range with clean colour technology has been successful in expanding the brands presence in over 15 countries internationally.

Jose’s unique and inspiring story that took her from the reception of a hair salon to CEO of a global haircare company continues to inspire young female entrepreneurs globally, and her never say die attitude is the reason why O&M’s success spans global interest.

“In so many ways we have really beat the odds and for a long time our business was hugely underfunded, we had massive production issues and so much more. I pretty much made every mistake you can think of and had people working with me that didn’t believe in what we could achieve. I am surprised I didn’t give up, and every day I am hugely grateful when another hairdresser tells me they love O&M and they are putting their health first. When a dream becomes a reality, it’s always a surprise!”

Salon colour trends with a conscience, it’s hard to look past CØR! With health being at the core of everything we do to survive a stressful professional and personal world, the O&M journey will no doubt be filled with continued success, a desire to be better and an attitude of accomplishment.

For more information visit www.originalmineral.com.au