As hairdressers, we all know the immense power our community holds, with the ability to give happiness, confidence and true care to people who are lacking it – simply put, hairdressers can often be super heroes. British hairdresser Josh Coombes founded #DoSomethingForNothing, a movement that builds on this principle to connect people with unique skillsets to those who need the value of those skills.

Josh Coombes

Josh started the movement in 2015 by offering free haircuts to the homeless, helping their self-esteem and dignity. He would post the transformative images on Instagram and tell the personal stories of these people who were down on their luck, enticing readers who felt attached to these stories, amplifying their lived experience and watching the platform grow.

The mission caught the attention of media outlets in Europe and has rippled worldwide. Coverage includes appearing in National Geographic’s new series ‘The Story of Us’ with Morgan Freeman, released on Netflix internationally, as well as a BBC News article that reached 29 million views.

Josh is now collaborating with haircare cool kids evo to spread this global mission, and inspiring people from every corner of the globe to join him. He is heading to Australia with an exhibition as presented by the charity HoMie. Taking place on December 19 at 7pm, the event is titled Do Something for Nothing: Light and Noise exhibition. The event is taking place at Homie Warehouse – 33 – 35 Emma St, Collingwood, Melbourne.

Josh’s role in the exhibition will shed light on his viral-making kindness, how this affects the less fortunate and our communal capacity for good. Don’t miss it!

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