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Jules Tognini Takes Us Behind His Hair Loss Brand joebloe

Jules Tognini is an industry name you’ve heard time and time again, we’re sure, as an educator, award-winner, hairdresser and innovator, and part of the iconic Tognini salon dynasty. His understanding of the industry led him and Kristian Tognini to create the joebloe line of men’s hair products, made to prevent hair loss and cater specifically to younger males.

Don’t take our word for it, learn about the brand and the story in Jules’ own inimitable words.

1. What’s the backstory behind joebloe?

It was actually an idea that came from one of my best mates and joebloe co-founder, Trav White. I’ve been cutting Trav’s hair for as long as I can remember, and let’s just say over the years there’s been less and less for me to work with. Then, all of a sudden, it started coming back and I had to ask what was happening. Turns out he had found a killer combo of hair loss vitamins which were making him look more and more like Fabio everyday! Hair is in my blood, it always has been, so I realised that if hair loss was affecting Trav in his late twenties there a lot more blokes out there struggling too.

We (Kristian Tognini and myself) joined forces to come up with a product to speak to that younger market to help those lads get not only their hair back, but get that spring back in their step that disappears when they notice their hair is on the run. And that was that really! We started packaging what is now joebloe for our mates, then their mates, and now we’re just unbelievably stoked to be helping blokes all over get their hair back and regain any confidence that might’ve left with it. We’re just normal dudes who didn’t want to say goodbye to their own hair, now we’re lending guys a hand who are in the same boat we once were.

2. What are the hero products?

Our 3 month subscription without a doubt! Preventing hair loss is not an overnight job, it’s something you have to stick with, building a platform and then maintaining it, and our 3 month subscription gives you all the tools you need to get cracking. In the subscription you get our Little Pals, which are our pocket rocket tablets jammed with DHT blockers, vitamins and minerals that have all been specifically chosen to prevent hair falling out and work nutrients into the hair from the inside out. Alongside our Little Pals is Gone Toppo, our minoxidil based topical solution, which you apply to the scalp daily to help promote hair growth. We flick out our package every 3 months so gents can get what they need, when they need it, straight to their doorstep.

3. What salons will this product speak to?

As joebloe is mainly geared towards dudes, salons that have a high male clientele would seriously see the benefits of stocking our products. That being said, women have been super curious about joebloe and have been buying up for their men at home. We’re currently working on the final stages of josiebloe, something super special for all the ladies out there searching for healthier, thicker hair. Josiebloe will very soon be able to answer the call to almost every salon.

4. Who are ideal clients for the products?

Dudes in the early to mid adult life who’ve started to see some thinning up top. We tend to connect with every day dudes who don’t want to be fussed over, because that’s where we were when we started. Guys have got to realise that hair loss is not a disease but a bit of a reality check. The sooner you get on to it the more hair you will save. If you’re on board with what we do and how we do it, then we’ve got your back! If you’re still unsure and aren’t quite ready to take the plunge yet, that’s all good too. We’ll still have your back with all the info you need through our website with articles and video to lend you a hand learning about hair loss prevention.

5. What gives the brand its major point of difference?

We’re every day dudes who’ve created an epic product that works, with an awesome educational program to guide our customers through their journey – no lab coat or test cricketers. We don’t believe in just throwing joebloe at guys and then sitting back, letting them fend for themselves. We offer ongoing coaching, support, tips and education. We’ve also never been fans of making guys feel like lab rats when it comes to hair treatments. We understand that things are pretty scientific, but we’re normal dudes that want to keep living their lives; not experiments. We want our brand to work for any guy that wants to protect his hair without changing up his lifestyle or having to stop doing what he loves.

6. What’s next for joebloe?

At the moment we are working hard at bringing out a couple new products to support our entire program. We asked our customers what else they wanted, so we’re going to give it to them. We’re keeping it under our hats for now, but when it drops its going to be a squeaky clean surprise, let’s just say that! We’ve also been working on a little something for the ladies out there looking to strengthen their locks as well… If you like the sound of joebloe, then we can’t wait for you to meet josie! At the end of the day, we’d love for everyone out there to feel confident with themselves and their hair, to live the best life they can!

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