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Just Cuts Name Mullet of the Year 2019

The annual Just Cuts Mullet of the Year competition at the Summernats Festival in Canberra provided a great way to show creativity and have a little summer fun with hair. A multitude of awards were handed out for those who proved the ‘business in the front, party in the back’ mantra more than their other mullet-ready counterparts.

INSTYLE joined the judging panel alongside international Instagram influencer Larry Enticer for a playful day of hairdressing competition.

Patrons were judged on the quality of their mullet, with a little boy taking home the grand prize of Mullet of the Year for 2019, which came with a $1000 prize! Other awards included the Game Changer prize, the Super Majestic Mullet prize for longest mullet and the Mr Mullet award.

The annual competition pays tribute to a hairstyle that has truly stood the test of the time, with an annual competition each January to delight patrons of the festival. Just Cuts conducts the festival every January, so if you’re looking for mullet central in 2020, you know where to find it.

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