Kao Salon have introduced the new opportunities available in their international Global Creative Awards competition, which is usually based around Goldwell products and will expand in 2021. The new format will diversify its brands and introduce new categories while still harnessing its same renowned energy of full creativity without limitations.

Previously known as the storied and revered Goldwell Color Zoom Awards, the brand evolved to the Global Creative Awards in 2019 and will now progress further. The 2021 awards will be allowing all Kao Salon Division hairdressers, who use any of Goldwell, KMS or Oribe, to participate in the awards, via three technical categories and four new editorial categories, all of which will inspire hairdressers to elevate their artistry and competitive spirit.

“We are very excited about the new entries and even more so that all our customers can now participate in the Global Creative Awards in a whole new global competition focused exclusively on creativity,” said John Moroney, Global Creative Director. “We believe that now is the time to take the chance to show the world what a true creative does: Imagine, Create and Inspire. And now, we want to celebrate that. They have the talent, we have the stage for them.”

The technical categories comprise an editorial submission and then live competition component. In this section, the category of new talent colorist of the year is designed for hairdressers with fewer than five years of experience, the category of creative colorist of the year is based on brilliant colour and the category of creative haircutter of the year offers a new opportunity to show off precision cutting talents. The participants of the technical categories have to compete first at the national level in their country, after which the Gold winners will move on to the International live competition.

The editorial awards are entirely new and require only photographic submissions. For men’s hairstylist of the year, male grooming, barbering and styling is under the microscope, while for salon team of the year, entrants must show off the impactful creative vision of the whole team. For the category of avant garde stylist of the year, entrants must push the boundaries of conventional hairstyling and dare to inspire, while the editorial colorist category must tick the boxes of colour creativity, precision and vision. The participants of the editorial categories have to compete globally in the Photo-Only International Competition.

Prizes on offer include trophies, global editorial coverage, photo shoot opportunities and cash prizes, with the winners to be announced at the event in October 21.

Start flexing your creative muscles and throw your talents in the ring for a newly diversified competition that will truly bring out the artistry in our international hair community.

For more www.globalcreativeawards.com