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KEVIN.MURPHY Converts Packaging to 100 Per Cent Ocean Plastics

As a salon industry, we all have a commitment to the planet, whether it’s in the products and tools we use, our salon practices or in supporting industry initiatives that put the environment first. KEVIN.MURPHY is taking on that cause, reinventing its signature packaging with 100 per cent recycled ocean plastics in an effort to eliminate the plastic waste polluting our oceans.

“This change is for the future of our environment and for us to be truly sustainable – to clean up our oceans for the sake of our planet and for future generations,” Kevin Murphy explained.

The company is proud to be the first beauty brand to implement this practice, which is projected to save the planet over 360 tons of new plastic each year, with recycled bottles to debut in salons from mid-2019.

The company has worked to facilitate this complex and expensive change so that it could make logistic and financial sense for the brand. It’s an important step for a company that has always prioritised the planet as a main focus, from their organic growing practice, to micro-cultivation and ecological harvesting techniques. This new move reinforces those beliefs and values even further.

The brand hopes to not only make a huge impact on the world’s plastic production, but also start a broader industry conversation about safe packaging disposal and what the industry can do to reduce our collective ecological footprint. With the launch, KEVIN.MURPHY hopes to change the industry standard and instigate change industry-wide.

The Aussie brand is now in over 40 countries globally and has made waves with this move in international circles. It was featured on US business site Fast Company, which lauded the brand for this bold, eco-conscious and innovative move despite the hurdles faced in achieving it. It’s inspiring when real change, action and conversation on a global scale starts at home.

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