Fashion, beauty and hair at their very best hit Melbourne over the tail-end of August and first week of September, as Kevin Murphy and his KEVIN.MURPHY team styled Melbourne Fashion Week through eight inspiring runway shows. Supporting a wealth of major designers, the team created an array of looks, from editorially inspiring to commercially relevant and everything in between, as the fashion week’s major hair sponsor once again.

Adut Akech and Kevin Murphy

Starting the week with an opening runway on August 30, the first look incorporated hyper shine and a stitched bun, paying tribute to the exceptional designers – names like Thurley and J’Aton Couture opened the week – as a homage to their craft.

Runway 4

“We wanted to tap into the craftsmanship of these designers and reflect the incredible tailoring in their creations through the hair, so we created a look that embodies high shine and style, keeping it chic and elegant,” Kevin said.

Runway 3

Throughout the week, hero looks abounded. An embellished pony with subtle braided detail to complement feature designers such as Akira, Alice McCall, Ginger & Smart and more at Runway 3 could be a total salon favourite. By contrast, a power ponytail for Runway 4, complete with exaggerated scene-stealing ribbons to suit collections by designers such as Keepsake the Label and We Are Kindred, provided a more editorial finish.

Runway 4

Waves and texture paraded the runway, with retro references (Runway 5 paid tribute to 1960s hippy culture built in Haight Ashbury) and current commercial trends. Structure was an anchoring trend as well – in Runway 7, for designers such as the leading Carla Zampatti, LEO & LIN and Nicole Finetti, a classic folding and pleating technique was used to become a memorable hero shape for the entire week. For the final runway, held on September 5, and highlighting prominent designers such as CAMILLA & MARC and MANNING CARTELL, a slicked back 70s silhouette blended into a modern style.

Runway 6

About Runway 7 Kevin said, “I wanted the look to reference the androgyny of the 80s but in a really modern, sleek way. I kept the over use of high shine product obvious so the lines and the silhouette were smooth, defined and polished. The look for the final runway was a combination of all the nuances in hair from the eras I love. You have the soft, feminine waves from the 70s at the back with the defined sleek strength of the 80s in the front and a tiny hint of the 90s with the overuse of the product for the finish – it’s the perfect mash up!”

Runway 7

A major week of inspiring hair and fashion trends catapulting us into the new season and harking back to classic styles for future inspiration. Well done once again to KEVIN.MURPHY and Melbourne Fashion Week for ushering in Spring in supreme style.

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