When a Kardashian posts their new hair look on Instagram, millions of eyes and a myriad of potential clients see it instantly, unleashing trends and creating headlines around the new look. The latest example is Khloe Kardashian’s all-new platinum blonde hue, which she announced to her over 83 million followers, amassing almost one million likes on the image (and counting) and ensuring discussion with thousands of comments.

In the caption, Khloe credited colourist Tracey Cunningham (who you know as an international Olaplex ambassador who was just our side for Hair Expo) and hairdresser Maisha Oliver for her soft, healthy hair, despite Khloe’s constant colour experimentation, her seamless weave and her new beloved hue. The hairdressers shared images and videos of the look to hundreds of thousands of followers as well.

The change was reportedly a last minute idea that took four hours to complete, and it’s now sparked trending headlines on publications the world over.

You better believe your clients will be keeping up with this latest hair change, taking their inspiration from it and letting it inform their summer style. Have the Instagram snap on hand for those inevitable requests.