Happy 25th birthday to cult hair product KMS HAIRPLAY Molding Paste, which innovated the market when it first launched in 1996 and continues to be one of the brand’s best selling products. KMS is celebrating the product milestone by honouring a product that’s been so key to the company.

“I’ve used KMS HAIRPLAY Molding Paste for the last 20 years,” said Ali Holmes, Co-Owner of Wildlife Hair SOGO in Surry Hills. “Its amazing pliability means you can use KMS HAIRPLAY Molding Paste on short and sharp styles to long and curly hair. This makes it an absolute hero product in the salon and in my kit. My favorite way to use it is on curly hair. The curl definition you get is just amazing. I love that this is its secret identity, as it’s not what this product is known for.”

The savvy product provides texture, a natural finish, organic shine, moisture and malleable hold and controls medium to coarse hair types, ensuring timeless style. A blend of Grape Seed Oil, Peppermint, PVP and Carnauba Wax combine to deliver this style, shaping capability and care.

“I’ve been using KMS HAIRPLAY Molding Paste for years. It gives great texture, has amazing pliability and can be used on both wet and dry hair,” shared Chris Hunter, Co-Owner of Willomina, Woollahra.

KMS in 2021 is a styling brand anchored by street and runway fashion from around the globe, with products falling into phases of Start, Style and Finish, and elevated by international creatives that propel the community and expertly utilise the products. HAIRPLAY Molding Paste continues to be a core facet of that dynasty and a styling staple 25 years ago, now and moving forward. Happy birthday!

For more information visit www.kmshair.com.au