Two lauded companies joined forces for a campaign dedicated to inspirational hair and fashion, alongside larger concepts of important female strength and confidence. KMS partnered with Reebok on their new ‘Not Your Princess’ campaign, featuring trailblazing Australian women Jaguar Jonze, Becca Hatch and Tarah Jane Scott and with hair by KMS Global Artist Ali Holmes.

Relaunching the acclaimed athletic brand’s iconic Princess franchise, the creative concept paid homage to Reebok’s 2001’It’s A Woman’s World’ advertising campaign, which boldly mocked established gender roles. The original campaign featured such icons as rapper Missy Elliot, tennis champion Venus Williams and WNBA star Jennifer Azzi. 19 years later, these ideas of women’s rights, defying stereotypes and pushing for change are as relevant as ever.

“’Not Your Princess’ pays respect to women whom boldly defy convention,” said Arnna Johnstone, Brand Director Reebok Pacific. “This gives Reebok the opportunity to honour a new generation of change makers whom are unapologetic in their unique identities, as they pursue excellence in their chosen industries.”

Ali created two looks for each model for the campaign shoot, which aesthetically covered concepts of athleticism, street wear, princess looks, retro themes and higher fashion. Look one merged natural hair with extreme feminine fashion, playing with each model’s natural hair type.

“I kept nothing too perfect and ensuring there was movement through the lengths,” Ali said of Jaguar’s look, which had her long locks softly straightened using KMS Therma shape 2 in 1 spray. “The KMS 2 in 1 spray has a super natural finish to it but left the hair with a healthy shine. Becca Hatch has amazing, almost ringlet like curls. To give a more defined look I scrunched the curls with a cocktail of KMS Tame Frizz oil and KMS Curl Up Wave Foam. Tarah had softer waves in a very undone look, nothing uniform or perfect. KMS Hair Play Sea Salt Spray was used to give Tarah’s hair a ‘lived in’ more care free look.”

Look two was more edgy street style hair, complementing the changing stylistic themes of the campaign itself.

“I felt like these looks embody KMS’s style philosophy, being inspired by people and places around us, capturing individual style and quirks,” Ali said. “Each model had a unique look that complemented the Reebok street wear, feflecting the models as strong, powerful women. Jaguar wore fine braids on each side of her face, with two larger inside out braids threaded with white hair running from the crown. The look was finished with kiss curls around the face. I used KMS Hair Play Styling Gel and sprayed the hair down with water.”

“Becca Hatch’s curls were dialled up on volume and given a less uniform look,” she continued. “Lengthening the curl with KMS Hair Play Playable Texture. On her left side I twisted and knotted her curls away from her face and added a few kiss curls using KMS Hair Play Styling Gel. Tarah Jane had her hair sectioned into three sections, three ponytails going into each other starting at the nape, which is a great trick to keep the shorter neck hairs pulled up into a high pony, and ending in a sleek topknot on top with a twisted plait. Tarah’s hair was finished with KMS Hair Stay Working Hair Spray.”

In 2020, our wardrobes have become largely pyjamas and active wear and this inspiring shoot reminded us to still keep that ever fashionable, while challenging gender norms and stereotypes on top of it all.

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