Knowledge is power, and the more you understand about your business performance, the more your profits tend to skyrocket. That’s why the salon software gurus at Shortcuts have introduced the all-new, must-have Cloud Reporting feature. This gorgeous dashboard in the cloud makes your business intel easy to understand, putting sweet success at your fingertips.

Cloud Reporting lets you easily spot the trends, so you can focus on making your business more profitable. This feature lets you view your essential reports from a tablet or smartphone, anywhere and anytime, with no number crunching required. Armed with all the insights and info you need to succeed, you’ll feel like a kid in a candy store!

With that in mind, let’s explore how knowing your numbers using this brand new tech can help you create a #sweeterlife

1. Work life balance

We’ve put this up top because we believe it’s that important: sometimes you have to step away from the salon to truly give it your all when you’re there. Shortcuts’ Cloud Reporting feature removes the spreadsheets and calculations from your daily schedule, freeing up time which you can now spend on the couch with a well-deserved wine. Personally, we’d take the wine over the spreadsheets any day!

2. Reap the results

Having the figures and trends presented to you so succinctly makes your business plan simple. Downward trends and weak spots are easy to see, so you know which areas need the most attention, whether it’s upselling more product, educating your team, or updating the service menu. When your KPIs are this easy to understand, it makes it so easy to change up the way you run your salon day-to-day and watch the positive impact in real-time.

3. All the facts

Rather than sorting through mountains of data, the Cloud Reporting dashboard offers visual charts and graphs that look good enough to eat, and are easy to understand: from your service and retail sales to average spend, rebooking percentage, trading summary, employee productivity and so much more. Delicious!

4. One team, one dream

Your team can securely access the numbers they need to monitor their own progress. Sharing the intel around like a bag of mixed lollies gives your team something to aim for, and gives you a way to monitor their performance. They can access daily stats and key insights on their mobile phone, helping create a unified team without everyone having to fight for a glimpse of the computer.

Cloud Reporting is about so much more than just the stats, it’s about truly revolutionising your business success, and making your life that much sweeter at the same time. After all, your numbers are so much tastier when they’re designed to help you make your business better.

The candy store awaits! Find out more: