Hairdressers are often so much more than that to their clients – they can be advisors, confidants, psychologists and genuine friends. It’s with this great power (and great responsibility) that EDVOS (Eastern Domestic Violence Service) is utilising these relationships to help prevent family violence in the community. The incredible philanthropic organisation is now offering voluntary training and resources to salon professionals in Melbourne’s eastern metropolitan region to show hairdressers how to recognise the signs of family violence and offer support.

The new program is titled HaiR-3R’s (Recognise, Respond and Refer) and the unique training offers an approach based on early intervention, for salons to help their clients if they are facing physical, emotional, sexual or financial abuse.

“The HaiR-3R’s program provides salon professionals with the knowledge, skills and expertise to engage in conversations that challenge gender stereotypes.  It will enable them to share experiences and recognise the sometimes-subtle signs of family violence,” said EDVOS Executive Director, Jenny Jackson. “Women establish relationships and confide in their salon professionals. A caring salon professional can maintain trust, while also helping their friend and client to a safer future.”

“EDVOS works to keep women and children alive and the HaiR-3R’s program is the sort of early intervention that can be life-changing for some women.”

The program will deliver interactive workshops that show hairdressers how to recognise potential signs of family violence, realise its impact on survivors and learn what they can do to offer their clients support. They will also learn about gender inequality and learn what they can do to challenge gender stereotypes.

EDVOS is collaborating with national hairdressing education facilities such as Box Hill TAFE, Australian Hairdressing Council (AHC) and Hair & Beauty Industry Association (HBIA) in delivering these important messages. The workshops are free and open to all salon professionals and salons and in Melbourne’s eastern metropolitan region.

Let’s use our collective super powers to make a differences.

For more information contact Mandy Hudson on or (03) 9259 4282.