Finding that a cupboard full of skincare products aren’t achieving the results you desire?  Ultraceuticals Global Education Director, Elizabeth Fardon has offered up her lifestyle tips to set yourself up for skincare success.


No amount of green smoothies or serums will give your skin the same airbrushed effect as an Instagram filter. FACT. In the digital age, it’s easy to fall into the trap of comparing your skin to the flawless images posted online. Elizabeth encourages you to avoid the path of self-loathing and put down the phone. A healthy dose of reality is essential. Even models have bad skin days.


Notice how your skin revolts after a binge of cheese and chocolate, or that your hyperpigmentation flares up after a couple of hours in the sun? These are pretty clear indications that lifestyle factors could be prohibiting your best skin. Elizabeth believes your skincare shouldn’t stop at topical solutions, but be viewed as an all-encompassing lifestyle approach.


Elizabeth says sourcing a reputable skin clinician for a professional analysis can be the key for success. They have access to technology that can target concerns and track progress. Pro tip: our brains don’t have a photographic memory, so instead rely on actual photographs to track your progress. The visual evidence can give you that edge to stick with your goals!


Like with any goal, it takes some commitment. Elizabeth believes 80 per cent of skin progress is through daily homecare and the other 20 per cent is from clinic treatments to get desired results in 90 days. Consistency is key to gaining traction with your goals.


Patience is a virtue and it helps to have plenty of it when improving your habits. There are no overnight quick fixes, so be kind to yourself. Remember a radiant smile is 10 times nicer than radiant skin.