Known for creating dynamic education events, the team at Togninis decided that the holiday season necessitated the chance to celebrate education one last time for 2018. Count in the few requisite beers and you had a final Lil Off The Top education event for the year, part education, part party.

Jules Tognini

Held at Togninis head quarters in New Farm, the salon transformed into a school with proceedings underway thanks to Jules Tognini and Nathan Yip. Compered by brother Kristian, Jules and Nathan worked on a number of different models, each working on a contrasting style and utilising a series of easily digestible techniques. Jules has a unique way of making the audience feel that they are involved in his haircutting, with a simple but very informative approach that focuses on the consultation technique.

“Getting to know what your clients do every day is so important,” he explained. “This conversation ensures that the look I create can be replicated at home by the client. By using your fingers to move and work with the hair, creates a more natural feel providing clients with a look that will remain looking good until their next salon visit.”

Nathan worked with a girl whose hair he had cut in the morning before she returned to the salon as a model.  “Creating natural texture in the hair is so important, and seeing it post hair cut to see how it settles is most important,” he said.

With male models and shorter haircuts, colour complemented the looks showcasing some creative hues using Fab Pro. Most of the models were coloured by Josh Congrieve with some creative work by Nick MeKenna. Also on stage was Ryan King who both cut and coloured his own models. Utilising some intricate techniques, the finished result was met with great applause.

Benni Tognini led the next section of education, working initially on a model with natural curls and discussing his own love for the style.

Benni Tognini

“Natural curly hair does not create even curl,” Benni said. “The size of the curl varies, and this is what makes it so interesting to work with. We need to learn how to work with it.” Texture continues to be a major facet of the Lil Off The Top education agenda, with tour dates coming in 2019.

Benni loves to create a different hair cut for every client, with precision cutting skills coming into play, particularly in a unique look, with hair coloured individually by Nick.  The colour technique was called floating colour, placed visually but not in a formalised method. Benni proceeded to create the haircut creating features showcasing these special colour sections.

With a playful energy, incomparable industry DNA, so much creativity and dates coming in 2019, Lil Off The Top provides ample reason to take out your calendar and start circling.

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