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Lisa Conway Will be Answering All Your Business Questions This Wednesday

Solid business advice can be paramount in creating your own success, so when top tier business experts in the salon space speak, we listen. Two of these voices will be speaking this Wednesday night, September 19, in an important webinar from 7:30pm AEST. Host Stuart Nicholson of Hair NrG will be joined by Zing Salon Coaching’s Lisa Conway for the Q and A.

Lisa Conway

Stuart boasts more than 55 years in the salon industry and offers his own expert knowledge of salon business. He will be hosting a Q and A each month with various guests to help an online audience gain valuable insights from those who have had particular success in business and salon development.

Lisa will be the ideal guest to answer pertinent salon questions, taking her experience as a salon owner, author and business coach to give relevant, longstanding ideas to help your business.

Audience members can join in the webinar if they have a working network connection, camera and microphone, or otherwise ask questions via the live chat.

Stuart Nicholson

So your mission is set – gather your more pertinent business questions for these two experts, log on and learn the ultimate strategies for salon success. Nothing should be so easy to do in your pajamas if you really want to.

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