If you’re looking for a great space, busy spot and ideal working situation to host your hairdressing work, Loop Hair Salon on William Street in Paddington, Sydney, may have the perfect solution for you. The salon, owned by Amy McCabe, is ready and waiting for you to rent a chair or to come work at on a commission basis as it looks to expand its business.

Loop Hair Salon has a dually energetic and warm vibe, as purposefully built from Amy’s own creativity and want to make the space a haven for like-minded talent and clients alike. Amy boasts 19 years of experience in salons across Australia and in London, as well as work backstage and on set in artistic teams. Loop Hair Salon has been her latest venture since 2016, becoming a bona fide hub of forward-thinking hairdressing and trending style.

This salon space ideally suits the location, which champions local businesses in a weekly street festival and market event, and where regulars are loyal and walk-ins filter in from the surrounding boutiques consistently.

The salon’s growing client list has led to an expansion, and it is therefor looking for new staff on either a commission or on a rent a chair basis. This allows the hairdresser to have control of their work and benefit from the space of this already thriving salon.

“Running your own business is hard, and I have spent the time putting in the hours to renovate the Loop space, to build the books and to create an infrastructure that has the legs to stick around,” Amy said. “Expanding the team and network who work at Loop was always the goal, and as with my attitude for life and new adventures, it’s been about working hard to make sure that step happens at the right time for everyone involved.”

Amy McCabe

The proposal means hairdressers can rent a chair on a daily basis or give the salon a percentage split of their total gross earnings, or it can be compensated on a pay-as-you-work type plan.

The possibilities are endless in this very workable offer in a very dynamic and enticing space – enquire now!

For more information visit www.loophairsalon.com or email hello@loophair.com