L’Oréal Professional Products Division (PPD) Australia is aware of retailer activity promoting L’Oréal haircare brands outside of the professional hair retail environment and has established a campaign to stand firmly against it. These retailers are not authorised by the group but, unfortunately, parallel imports are not illegal in Australia, which undercuts legitimate salon retailers to unauthorised sellers.

From August 1, the brand has been speaking out against it with the new campaign, which stands up against the grey market and the impact it has on the salon industry. The campaign aims to educate consumers about products that have been parallel imported, the impact they have, and the potential risks that come from using them.

The campaign is partnering with national radio announcer, comedian and YouTube star, Tanya Hennessy, who has represented the messaging in a humour way. The content covers a funny ‘A to Z of salon clients’ message that incorporates out the #DontRiskIt angle, and is already live on Tanya’s social media channels, speaking to her  94,000 YouTube subscribers, 1.1 million likes on Facebook and 152,000 followers on Instagram. The video has already received almost 700,000 views on Facebook alone. The campaign will then be calling on other industry experts and influencers to spread the important messaging.

“The campaign is aimed at highlighting the importance of our experts and making consumers aware of the vast difference between having a professional salon service and diagnosis, versus selecting products based purely on price in a discount environment. We are proud to be investing in, and protecting, our industry and consumers into the future,” said David Higgins, General Manager of L’Oréal Professional Products Division Australia & New Zealand.

For more information visit https://www.loreal.com.au/medias/news/parallel-imports-dontriskit-5986.htm