L’Oréal Professionnel’s national Colour Trophy semi-final tour is almost coming to a close. The tour took over Queensland this week, adding to the group of finalists from around the country. Now, there is only one more semi-finalist even to go to decide the Victorian finalists on March 2, before a grand finale in September.

Congratulations to our QLD finalists, including Brad Rixon and Elyse Sprott of Rixon Hair, who won for an auburn long hair, Eveie Golding of Rokstar Salon, who is through for a retro style blonde look and Jason McAlister of Adam Eva, winning acclaim for a warm brunette look. Those are the Colour Trophy finalists, while Jade Kereama of Ink for Hair, whose trending, rich bob caught the eye of the judges, is the Rising Star nominee.

These new finalists join the national finalists decided within the past weeks. The Colour Trophy and Rising Star finalist decided for NSW and ACT were Julia Tsujeva of Alana Kristian Salon for an alluring pink hair look, Jessica Schofield of Cataldos Salon for an auburn pixie cut, Jordan Hone of Sloans North Sydney for a tousled brunette short hair look and rising star Meghan King of Sloans for a multi-tonal pink hair look with dark roots.

In Perth, Ben Semple of Circles of Subiaco was named a Colour Trophy finalist for a multi-tonal brunette afro look, while Alexia Mirabile of Hairloom Osbourne Park joined him with a curly short bob look in delicate brunette and auburn, and Drew Boundy and Kerina Marlow rounded out the group from Hemisphere Hair, winning for their trending peach waves. Caitlan Roze of Circles of Fitzgerald was the Rising Star nominee for her orange haired look.

In South Australia and Tasmania, Joe Cotroneo of Zink Hair was awarded for a multi-dimensional pink bob, Massimo Tirimacco of Zohair – also last year’s esteemed winner – won for a textured golden blonde bob that’s both editorial and wearable and Fiona Fazzalari of Hair Machine Glenelg, became a finalist for a voluminous bob with hiding strands of bright colour. Madeleine Dicerbo of Zohair is the rising star national finalist, awarded for her fiery red long hair look.

Who will be the last finalists chosen for this important event?

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Congratulations to the finalists!

Brad Rixon and Elyse Sprott

Eveie Golding

Jason McAlister

Jade Kereama