The Matrix dream team was in Sydney with colour creation and inspiration as its driving factor, as the brand’s bold colour leaders landed in their Sydney Academy for #ColorCreate. Hosted on August 15, the intimate and vibrant paired some of Matrix’s most esteemed colour artists with Australia’s renowned social media influencers, changing up their looks and re-educating masses of followers about bold colour in the process.

The set-up of the event showcased its unique purpose. Each room in the academy was transformed into a different colour palette in the SoColor Cult range, using bright and daring décor to create versatile and ideal backdrops for that all-important Instagram shot.

A luxury spread of delicacies (doughnuts, anyone?) also added colour in a particularly sumptuous way, and a tub of those now-iconic Matrix rubber ducks was a feature, as the influencers showed off their new looks while submerged in ducks.

The event was led by key Matrix Australian Design Team members, including Stevie English and Kobi Bokshish, along with a veritable army of inspiring Matrix colour artists creating these transformations.

‘’The Matrix #colorcreate day was such a fantastic opportunity to gather with leading professionals and really let out our creative side,” Stevie said. “Using the SoColor Cult palette throughout the day meant we could achieve everything from minimalistic pastels to adventurist rainbow hair. Best of all, the SoColor Cult range is truly unique as it’s demi-permanent – colour fades beautifully on tone and continues to evolve creating a longer lasting look!”

“The #colorcreate event was an explosion of creativity and colour, allowing us to explore our creative spark with a full range of colourful looks,” Kobi agreed. “Having such a full palette allowed us to create bespoke looks for each client, showcasing vibrancy to subtle tones!”

An event that brings colour education, transformation and innovation to the social media masses? We couldn’t be more on board.

Check out the social media coverage with the hashtags #ColorCreate and #SoColorCult and visit for more information.