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MBFWA 18: Edwards and Co and KEVIN.MURPHY X Anna Quan

Hair Director Byron Turnbull for Edwards and Co mastered a relaxed old vs new aesthetic blending a fingerwave with a fishtail braid and natural texture for Anna Quan’s ‘holiday’ themed Resort 19 showcase, writes Cameron Pine.

90s it-girl curls played alongside a perfected ponytail plait to shake up Anna Quan’s signature shirt silhouettes this year as the collection saw pearlescent silk and slip dresses mixed with khaki, black and white. Regardless of the type of ‘holiday’ the collection evoked the hair was as individual as the imagination with three variations on the look for short, medium, and long hair. Left out textured ends, smoother more malleable texture and a more structured fishtail braid took the audience through the process of a true resort holiday, from hair down, pulled back and into something more structured.

“The Anna Quan girl is relaxed ‘on holiday’ girl who is inspired by the undone and natural texture,” said Hair Director Byron Turnbull. “The brief was to perfectly complement a relaxed resort vibe, working to the individual’s hair while incorporating a fishtail braid with the longer hair.”

Alongside Jayde Turner-Ledwidge the duo hero’d KEVIN.MURPHY Anti-Gravity to prep all hair and Doo Over to add texture for styling while finishing off a not too finished vibe using KEVIN.MURPHY Session spray.

“It really is a less-is more approach – the Anna Quan girl has direction and confidence but still needs to reference classic styling techniques bringing together the old and the new,” Byron said.

Based around the three different silhouettes; shorter hair was given texture and pushed off the shoulders by “working with the natural texture in the model’s hair,” said Byron.

The medium lengths sported a higher pony pulling the hairline out at the front to highlight texture.

The long hair first mastered securing a flat pony before constructing a fishtail braid and securing with elastic and embellished golf metal.

Get the look – long hair:

  • Prep hair with ANTI.GRAVITY and blow dry smooth.
  • Taking a deep side part on the left hand side of the head.
  • Section out the left hand side hair line and section away.
  • With a small tong take parallel sections along the hairline, grab small sections at a time and curl the hair. Clip each section with pin curl clips.
  • Spray SESSION.SPRAY and let cool.
  • Once the small curls are cooled brush out with flat brush creating finger waves.
  • Loosen the texture of the hair and push towards the back of the nape.
  • Secure hair into a flat pony at the lowest point of the nape and use elastic to secure.
  • Fishtail braid the hair and secure with elastic embellished with gold metal.
  • To complete the look, twist gold wire through the braid

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