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MBFWA 18: Goldwell X Bianca Spender

Bianca Spender’s Resort 19 show was rooted in history and its political connotations as related to fashion. Hair by Goldwell channelled these same important concepts, offering a retro aesthetic to complement a bold, forward-thinking fashion theme, writes Ida Almasi. 

“A hundred years ago, women used their dress as a political statement, abandoning the corset and introducing pants to prove their equality,” Spender explained.  “As clothing wraps, pulls and floats around the body, femininity is concealed and revealed. Liberation. At once sharp and structured, fluid and flowing, a quiet reinvention is taking place.”

The hair look, created by Michele McQuillan, was inspired by a 70s look with a nod to the iconic cool, as well as the relaxed style of Bianca Jagger.

“The hair we are looking to accomplish is like a polished girl who goes out and has lived in it for a few days,” Michele said. “It is like she has done it herself, a woman who knows what works for her. She’s going somewhere in an effortless way. Done but undone, polished with a twist.”

The hair nodded to Spender’s trademark cuts and draping, showing us her expertise in refined feminine power dressing. At the heart of the collections was Spender’s ode to a woman’s duality – the balance between feminine and masculine, playful and powerful.

The statement suits with vivid pops of colour added a fun dynamic edge with the flowing silk creating a vision of strength and grace when the girls glorified the catwalk. This is the future of femininity.

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