Hair Director Ali Holmes for KMS referenced 70s, 80s punk and David Bowie for a more extreme and highly individual look for Double Rainbouu’s ‘synthetic beach’ inspired Synth UUave collection, writes Cameron Pine.

“As Double Rainbouu usually is the hair brief was to work with everyone’s individual textures and personality. There’s not one key look but loads of lengths from short to even a bit mullet,” Ali said. “It’s extreme with fishnet added over some of the models hair and face to tie in with the futuristic beach theme of the collection.”

“Working with coloured, braided and brushed out David Bowie looks the models were chosen for their individual style. The David Bowie inspired faux mullet worked on guys and girls and can be easily recreated at home. It’s all about layering products to get lived in but dry texture,” Ali said.

Double Rainbouu Designers Mikey Nolan and Tobey Jones chose the grungy  Landsdowne Hotel at Broadway for it’s almost eclectic rave type feel, and for a Monday it definitely felt more like Thursday’s fashion week after party.

The collection, dubbed Synth UUave, took its cues from both the idea of a ‘synthetic beach’ and the post-punk and New Wave musical predilections of its ex-Ksubi designers.

Artificial landscapes, a wave motive, bright pastels, yellows and silhouettes from fishnet to a thicker almost workwear fabric made for one very open minded collection.

A black floral trompe-l’œil print was a particular standout, as were the ‘Poolside Wi-Fi’,  ‘Synthetic Leisure’ ‘OUT’ slogans plastered across tracksuits and knitwear.

Some models carried fishnets or plastic bags carrying bouys and the crowd was relaxed enough to stay around drinking Tanqueray and tonic and eating pizza from the Landsdowne Kitchen.

Some models had colour sprays worked into the hair – a new line to be launched by KMS later in the year was played with – think bright colour sprays and pastels to perfect true colour vibes of a beach mixed with punk inspired show.

We were inspired by synth wave music, a genre inspired by late 70’s early 80’s sci-fi movies and new wave and post punk music,” designer Toby Jones said.

“All models we’ve used Sea Salt Spray and some working hairspray – the hero is definitely hero. The finish needs to be lived in raw but a fluffy lived in, not a greasy wet lived in,” Ali said. Ultimately for the hair it was just as much about a statement of attitude from colour to the fact the models walked so fast it was almost difficult to catch any detail – the ultimate result from a brand wanting to disrupt the fashion week energy.

Get the look:

START: Prep the hair with MoistRepair Revival Crème and follow with
Add Volume Styling Foam all over in dry hair focusing on the front. Blast with hair dryer not over stretching the air.

STYLE: Apply Thermashape 2-in-1 Spray and haphazardly wave odd sections of the hair with a curling tong.

Apply Hairplay Sea Salt Spray to roots and mid lengths at front sides and then directional blow dry hair back on each side.

Follow with Hairplay Dry Wax all over roots to ends whilst blasting through and hand tousling.

FINISH: A spray of Hairstay Working Spray all over.

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