Nearing sunset on a warm afternoon in Bondi, ghd and editorial expert Richard Kavanagh styled the hair for Jonathan Simkhai, creating the effortless beauty every hairdresser aims to create and that every client wants.

“The look was inspired by Jonathan’s inspiration for the collection, which was a girl at sunset, at magic hour, who looks effortlessly beautiful,” Richard said. “We’ve used the classic curl wand and in some cases the soft curl wand from ghd, to create a soft bend in the hair with a centre part tucked behind the ear, and just raked through with our finger so it’s just easy and effortless and undone.”

Motivated by the sunsets at iconic Bondi Beach, the hair, beauty, fashion and setting captured this perfectly, with the ocean as the ideal natural backdrop. A beauty look by makeup director Liz Kelsh of Max Factor also captured textured, golden, sun-kissed and selfie-worthy beauty, complementing the palette and the ethos of a bright collection inspired by illuminated skylines.

“While designing this Pre Spring 2020 collection, knowing I would be showing in Sydney, I kept visualiaing the remarkable Bondi Beach sunsets,” Jonathan said. “The hour at twilight when the sun is just above the horizon. When its light passes through the sky for a greater distance, illuminating everything around while brightening the faces of those you’re with, the magic hour. It is this compelling moment when the latitude of the sun scatters away the daytime blues and allows the embrace of the warm sunset light to take over. Painting the landscape in countless shades of cabernets, blushes, and tangerines.”

Backstage at the North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club, Richard also spoke of the same muse, creating a hair look that goes beyond technicality and into visual and tactile mastery.

“To me this hair is the hair equivalent of the ‘no makeup’ makeup look, it looks like a hairdresser hasn’t done it but it’s somehow perfectly articulated,” he said. The thing about the salon when we do this hair, every girl wants this hair, every girl wants to leave the salon looking like she just woke up like this, it’s very technical but it’s not technical in the sense that you’re doing it for another hairdresser to approve of it, you’re doing it just to make it look good. So you have to step out of your hairdresser brain, you have to take your technical brain off and put it in your pocket, and use your visual brain only, so you’re just looking, shaping and molding the hair.”

Get the look:

  • Step 1: Roughly dry the hair using the ghd air hairdryer.
  • Step 2: Using the ghd classic curling tong, wrap the hair around the tong, allowing it to twist as you wrap. The twist is what will give you more of a wave than a curl as you hold it parallel half way down the hair shaft. Gradually move down the hair in sections, curling as you go and changing the direction in which you wrap the hair. This technique creates a very loose, natural curl – so it doesn’t look too ‘tonged’.
  • Step 3: Run your fingers through the hair to finish.

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