Hosted at Sydney’s Queen Victoria Building over MBFWA, Michael Lo Sordo’s resort show had its luxe feel matched by the incomparable team at ghd, as led by session styling expert Richard Kavanagh. A refined collection of 21 pieces in black white was built on luxury tailoring and romantic minimalism, affirming the brand’s signature for alluring eveningwear. The hair look took this bold simplicity and harnessed it.

“The look for Michael Lo Sordo is very luxurious but effortless, it’s as if the girl is in St Tropez, she’s been fro a night swim, she’s got out of the pool, thrown on a beautiful gown, combed her hair and she’s just [perfect and fresh as she is. It’s clean and quite sleek,” Richard said. “When you look at the collection across the board what we wanted to do was make sure there was a simplicity and elegance that matches the collection. The key was using the ghd air hairdryer to directionally blow dry using the bristle brushes to make sure the hair is smooth, polished and luxurious, and we’re working natural oils to hold it in place.”

The collection was emboldened by its versatile statement pieces, with quality of construction a consistent theme and unique Swarovski embellishments ensuring a luxury look. A simple and pared back beauty look, also made more dynamic with the rare smudged glitter eye, complemented the looks.

“When you see the clothes, they’re quite luxe and they verge on being sexy in their elegance, so what’s nice about being in this historic setting is that we have this very modern hair and beauty look, this very sexy, elegant lines and draping of the dresses in this incredible environment. It’s a really nice showcase for Australian fashion,” Richard said. “If you want to achieve a look like this, execution is the key to creating a simple look very well, the attention to detail on how you comb the hair, where it sits, and how you polish the hair before you even start to blow dry it is key to achieve this look in being luxurious and not half baked.”

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