In front of the inimitable backdrop that is Bondi Beach and staged on the iconic drained Icebergs pool, Ten Pieces, with hair styled by ghd, wowed their audience on the final day of Fashion Week. Utilising ten hair tools for Ten Pieces to prioritise individuality, the brand and hair director Travis Balcke enhanced the models’ natural beauty.

“I wanted to use ten different ghd tools for Ten Pieces – with varied techniques to enhance the model’s natural hair texture,” Travis said. “It was integral that we didn’t detract from their individual styles for the hair looks. The beauty of the ghd offering is that there is a thermal styling tool to suit every personal need – and these looks gave us the opportunity to showcase how easy it is to use the tools at home to create a fashion-ready style.”

With the new ghd glide electrical hair brush as a hero tool to make styling backstage all the more efficient, the ghd team ensured a diverse and dynamic show in this iconic location.

“The look for Ten Piece is all about individualism and people being right for the look, the casting is very diverse, you have a lot of different nationalities with a lot of different skin and hair texture,” Travis said. “Together with makeup we’re working to enhance those natural feature everyone has, if there are kinks and movement in the hair the girls have naturally, we’re just going to send that story through to the rest of the hair. So we’re using different tools on everyone backstage to ensure they remain who they are but on an elevated levels.

The collection, titled Cosmic Runner, itself showcased the brand’s love of music and artistic expression, as inspired by Italian disco in the 1970s. For this bold look, hair ingenuity was a key complement.

“There’s a craft to hairdressing and being an amazing hairdresser is one thing but when you add that technology to it that’s when everything starts to shine, so it’s a great partnership with ghd tools because obviously there’s a lot of technology involved in these tools. That’s what really resonates with me and makes for a perfect choice for backstage,” Travis said.

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