Adding a new twist on the always sophisticated and expensive feel of Carla Zampatti, Hair Director John Pulitano for Goldwell created a 70s rock chic vibe to give the hair a bit of an edge. Between luxe fashion and rock star hair, this was a look worthy of MBWA 19’s closing show.

Sequined blazers as a maxi, yellow full-length, stripes, velvet and all the luxurious textures you’d expect from Carla – this fashion icon continues to create ready to wear that everyone wants. With an on the runway performance throughout the show from Sydney’s Brandenburg orchestra, Carla delivered a sensational symphonic finale to be remembered.

Using Goldwell Double Boost on the roots to create a flat and less glamourous feel, “If it looks too full it starts to go into beauty and what we want is a mix between a softer silhouette and a strong retro vibe using a deep side part down over one eye,” John said.

“The side sweep gives them a part glam, part rock and roll feel. It was important not to look too pretty – straighter with the shorter lengths and a bit more natural texture with the longer lengths,” he said.

Silhouette is a key word when it comes to the Zampatti aesthetic. The strong shoulder, the tapered skirt, the nipped and belted waist. Her incarnations of this each season has become iconic.

“Women have always wanted to be glamorous – whether this be at the office, the theatre or socialising. I have always been around successful women in every field and today we are seeing more equality in the work place – though we have a few more glass ceilings to shatter,” Carla said.

Goldwell’s new texture hero Goldwell Creative Texture Dry Boost was the go-to for this look. “Dry Boost is my new obsession, it gives a dry textured finish and has more hold than any other texture spray I’ve used,” John said.

How to:

Step 1: Section off low side part.

Step 2: Working from crown, section hair into small sections and apply Goldwell Ultra Volume Double Boost thoroughly onto top 2 inches and pat into hair.

Step 3: – Take sections and blow dry roots down with bristle brush to create a flatter finish onto the head. Once dry comb through with fine tooth comb then follow with soft bristle brush blowdrying lengths.

Step 4: On the lower side of the part dry hair in a backward direction keeping hair flat and tight to head. On the other side blow dry in a downward direction leaving the front section out.

Step 5: Using a round bristle brush take diagonal front sections and blow dry roots forward and flat onto face. Once roots are dried flat take larger back sections and apply Kerasilk Forming Shape Spray onto mid lengths and ends lightly. Blow dry hair in a backward direction ensuring to only flicks the very ends.

Step 6: Apply a fine mist of Kerasilk Forming Shape Spray over back sections and use a large tong to create a very natural looking wave.

Step 7: Finish hair with Goldwell Creative Texture Dry Boost and ruffle with fingers.

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