Taking guests on a journey through a tranquil Chinese Gardens away from the hectic pace of Fashion Week, Double Rainbouu’s dynamism and diversity was at an all-time high with a curated hair look for each ‘United Colours of Rainbouu 20’ collection piece by KMS Hair Director Ali Holmes.

Drawing inspiration from travel, an escape reminiscent of alternate tourists in the 60s and ’70s, it was hard not to be engulfed in the world of Rainbouu. Each guest met their ‘Rainbou Rider’ at the beginning of Sydney’s Chinese Garden of Friendship at Darling Harbour, who escorted groups through gardens to an installation type set up to different Rainbouu lines. There was a meditative type soundtrack in the background of traditional flutes and Chinese string instruments curated by Wesley Copper Jones, all adding to the dreamy atmosphere of Double Rainbouu tranquillity.

Lead stylist Ali Holmes said, “Double Rainbouu is more sophisticated this year, it’s not just street and fun it’s all about coming into the evening now.”

“Hair was very much about resort wear in the evening. It’s all about coming out of the water and being evening ready. Textures in the hair are still Hippie and Boho but with a more evening element to it,” Ali said.

Adding to the already-established hero garments of Hawaiian shirts and swim shorts – flowing silhouettes in the form of oversized robes and loungewear teemed throughout the collection. However at the same time the looks have become more refined and tailored as the label reminisced on “night swim”.

“One of the fabrics in the collection is a marble effect so we created a marble effect on one of the models using the KMS Style colours. Using loose threads in mustard, red and lilac through some hair textures, it was all about creating as much variation as possible.”

Lots of individual textures were hero’d to the point hair almost looked salty and lived in, fresh from the beach to the bar.

“It’s always fun working with Double Rainbouu as we get to play with so many looks. You’ll see hip length extensions inspired by Botticelli paintings, braids, buzz cuts and pastel marbled hair inspired by the Double Rainbouu print using our new KMS STYLE COLOR shades.”

How to:

Step 1 – Work KMS CURL Up Wave Foam through hair, use diffuser to dry. For naturally curly hair use KMS HAIR PLAY Sea Salt Spray and use diffuser to dry.

Step 2 – Apply KMS HAIR PLAY Playable Texture to dry hair.

Step 3 – Section hair into small pieces, create a one sided braid for two inches and then plait. Use a needle to apply purple thread through hair, wrapping in mid section, then apply gold thread through. Loosen and mess the plait.

Repeat Step 2 in 2-3 areas.

The pastel coloured Buzz Cuts with a marble effect were a hero look, inspired by the print on Double Rainbouu’s board shorts.

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