Starting Day 3 of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia, guests showed up to Hansen and Gretel’s Paddington Boutique on Sydney’s iconic Oxford Street for a luxe show dedicated to the power of femininity. With Venus as the ideal muse (and yes, that famous song playing to close the show) KMS and Hair Director Ali Holmes of Wild Life Hair brought the same ethos of strength in individuality to the hair look.

“Our icon today is Venus, you would have seen the painting on the front window when you came in,” Ali said. “It’s celebrating femininity and beautiful women and individuality in women. Everybody’s own looks are being used and celebrated and with long hair we’re finishing it with a plait. We’ve chosen models that have their own looks to start with, if they have their own haircuts, beautiful texture existing in their hair already, we’ve kept it. If they have long hair we’ve added a plait.”

Models cascaded up the staircase of the boutique to awaiting guests on comfortable couches and interior pieces, showing off a collection dominated by tranquil blue and white hues, flowing silhouettes and delicate fabrics. Complementing these looks were touchable hair styles created by KMS’ hero tools.

“Our hero products that we’ve used are the Add Volume styling foam on everybody to give a real natural thickness, and finishing with the Hairstay Working Hairspray, it’s really important that they all look really flowy, natural and individual,” Ali said.

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