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MBFWA 19: Oribe X Hot Tools Pro X Matteau

Much loved swimwear brand Matteau expanded into relaxed resort wear, transporting guests to an Amalfi Coast aesthetic, perfectly complemented by a sun-kissed and lived-in hair look by Hair Director Paloma Garcia.

The Matteau woman is liberated, artistic and embraces her natural beauty with the simple yet highly curated swimwear label moving to a full resort collection of loose silhouettes that you just want to ‘slip on’ and wander the waterside restaurants of the European coast.

“There’s a lot of diversity in the models and casting and this show is all about embracing that,” Paloma said.

Despite the individuality on some girls and the fact that some girls didn’t need much change at all, Paloma positioned the hair direction into two key looks; one super natural low ponytail (using hot tools 33mm tong) and a second look of a wet bun knot with that fresh out of the ocean vibe.

It was also important not to add too much texture and keep the finish almost ‘child like’. The Matteau girl is so relaxed, carefree and easy-going and that essence needed to be captured in the hair.

“I wanted girls to look like they’ve just come out of the ocean, think south of France, Amalfi Coast coming out of the ocean, hair is damp and pulled into a bun like they’re going out for a Spritz (of the drink form that is).

One of the most in demand models in Australia at the moment, Roberto Pecoraro was a prime example of her natural texture having this relaxed oceanside vibe. “Less is more, Roberta for example we barely needed to touch her hair.”

Despite the simplicity a cocktail of Oribe was required to add shine and keep hair looking hydrated. Key products were Supershine light moisturising cream, (Paloma wanted the hair to look like they’ve just been swimming) but also to look hydrated which is where the Power drops came in handy to maintain the hair’s integrity. The Gold Lust Oil helped to finish the look as well.

A tiny bit of Apres Beach was used on some girls but it was important for the hair to look damp and not textured.

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