Rather than over the top avant-garde for the boys, Justin Cassin blurs the line between tradition and contemporary with tailored modernity – Hair Directors Dmitri Papas and Justin Pace for Redken bringing an individual look of polish to a full gamut of men’s hair.

Held at the Big Top Luna Park, you were forgiven for thinking you were at a concert rather than a fashion show with Justin pouring thousands of guests and VIPs into a grandstand for a musical performance pre and post show that aimed to personify the strong and confident millennial man.

“For the guys it’s about individuality. It’s sleek, shiny and a bit wet looking,” said Hair Director Dmitri Papas. Long overcoats, tailored paints, shirts and jackets merged with more streetwear as Justin stated an authority in men’s lifestyle fashion.

“There’s a wet element through the whole show. Using a cocktail of Redken Brews  grooming products, it’s all about a bit dirty but a lived-in sleek and not blow-dried look for the boys,” Dmitri said. “Heralding this individual style, it was all about mixing Redken Brews to enhance true individuality in the hair,” said Justin.

Walking in the show were some big names and guys akin to the Sydney fashion landscape including Michael Klim; AFL player, Jaeger O’Meara; actor, Tim Kano and social personalities, Lachie Bryckie and Nathan Jolliffe.

Drawing inspiration from a polished and maintained effortless look, it was important the for Justin Cassin man to look sophisticated.

“The hero look exemplifies the guy that regularly goes to the barber with long or short hair and wants a tailored look,” said Dmitri. “It’s about the effortless look that is polished and maintained.”

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